Holistic Health Counseling (Via Skype)

Initial Consultation - $175

Includes 2 hour Initial Consultation, 1 hour spent developing Report of Findings and 1 hour Report of Findings visit

Follow-up Visits - $75

1 hour per session

FREE 20 Minute Consultation

Introduction to Ayurveda and symptom evaluation


Body Oil Therapy

One Hour Session - $85

Ayurvedic Body Oil Therapy (also known as Abhyanga) is a relaxation technique where warm oil is applied to the body with specialized friction strokes. This spa therapy calms the nervous system, soothes sore muscles, and moisturizes the skin.



Back to Balance Program - $455

Includes Initial Consultation and Report of Findings visits, 3 Follow-up visits, 1 hour Body Oil Therapy session and first set of 100 herb capsules.

3 Follow-up Visits - $215

1 hour per session

3 Body Oil Therapy Sessions - $235

1 hour per session